The Privacy Policy You Can Finally Read 🤓

You care about getting your customers the best out there.

We care about you, your eyes, and your brain. And we believe they should only be put to reading policies that matter, here on RitikaOne.

Children 🧒🏻 - Yay or Nay?

Yes. While there’s not much a child can put to use readily, nothing obscene hangs out here either. Grow up, learn to write like a champ, and show off what you’ll become, kiddy!

Adults? You’re already on the list.

Does my data get collected?

Though most part of this data collection is unavoidable, RitikaOne pledges to never sell your data.

What Can Get Collected?Why?
EmailServices + Newsletter
Billing infoServices

(Gulps 😳) Who can access this data?

First party: RitikaOne. Third party? Them:

These are companies who are bound by law to avoid using, sharing, or storing your personal data for any other purpose than said services.

Data retention - How long till it gets shredded 💇🏻 ?

We retain data for posterity. But if you tell us to remove it from our database, we’ll gladly do so (the shredder is fun).

Just shoot an email to [email protected], and we’ll take care of the rest.

Do I get profiled?

We don’t profile you. We don’t care about which country you’re from, what age group, gender, nationality, location, religion you belong to.

And that’s your right.

But whether you’re visiting from a mobile device or a desktop or a TV (good grace), it might show up in our analytics.

What other rights do I have?

If you sign up for our Newsletter and later change your mind (I know, very unlikely) - you can use the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of each message to stop the mailings. That’s your right to withdraw consent.

Zero. Zilch. None.

While cookies sure are an integral part of tracking what interests you, smooth actions like keeping you logged in for 14 days or so, which products are performing well and getting good CTRs and bad bounce rates, … w-we don’t use them.

What about ads?

No ads. Unless of course, we’re the ones making them (Ads).

We might link to sites, but we do not control the privacy policies of the external sites. Please review their policies before you provide your personal information there (use pen names like John or Lucy, I guess).

What are the Services?

Services include, but aren’t limited to:

Service List (Subject to Change)
Domain Hunt
Website revamp
Content Writing
Ad Copy Creation
Blog Writing
Technical SEO
3D models (Stocks / Custom)
Email Newsletter Copy
Brand Voice Curation
Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis
SERP Analysis

I want to know more.

Got an itch to ask? Great! Write us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you addressing your question within 24 hours or 2 martini breaks, whichever’s faster.