Copy more sales. Cut the ads.

You found me. But your target audience doesn't even know you exist. Want to know why? Website not showing up on Google? Bad SEO. Users not signing up? Improper brand messaging. Burning money on ads? Everyone hates ads.


Anyone can write. Can they sell hard?

I write copy for humans and reel them in through your website. It’s not about being a professional writer. It’s about painting a birdhouse so well that birds flock by to stay. You know the meat and potatoes of your business. Can I write better than you?

You sure know -

  • Who your competitors are?
  • What hooks your audience?

You don't have to. I'll give your business the ashen glow it deserves using SEO strategies and hooks.

This is what I did for my clients, who weren't so sure at first.

Before: Cute dad bod After: Ripped cash machine 3 months after I wrote their website copy, we ranked #2 on Google with a 30% conversion boost. All that sweet traffic. It blew their brains. After all the months of digging around, running ads and failing, they couldn't agree more. This is exactly what they were missing.


I shouldn't write for my own creation? ..

You sure can (my biggest thumbs-up)! But I hate to break it to you. Customers don't want to buy. They want to be sold to. You've spend so much time building your product. You sure you can market it? Feather-stitching the fabric will take ages. You deserve a speedy alpha release. Let me write the sales pitch for you.

Can't I just hire any writer? Why you?

How is copy different from content?
Content: I just pour into a wine glass 🍷 Hoping you drink it and like it. Not copy.
What does copy sound like?
Copy: I keep filtering it and add a touch of honey 🍯 Till it's sweet and you're tipsy for more.
You'll get the latter when we're working together. Plus a money 💵 makeover with content-aware customers.


Where do I exactly need copywriting?

From your landing page to blogs ... From your ad campaigns to newsletter emails ... You need copy. Everywhere. What's great about spending thousands of $$$ on your ads - Only to find out nobody's clicking?

Not just copy ... a new future.

Here's what I've done for my clients. Tell me you don't want it too.

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I have worked with dozens of amazing people, here's what some of them had to say.

“I had a great experience working with her. Although there was a time difference (10 hours) she was responsive to all my questions and delivered the work on time and with good quality. She clarified my requirements and was able to provide me with a solution. She was also very friendly and professional throughout the process. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable and competent service provider. Thank you for your great work!”

United States

“Ritika is the best designer we have chosen. She works professionally as quickly as you can imagine, responding to every request and is polite and courteous.”

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“I really liked your SEO content articles, very good 👍 that it is unique and not influenced by any existing articles on web.”

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United States

“Great skills. But difficulties to understand each other sometimes.”

Cam's photo

“Very good, quick response, solved all of my issues. Helped me to understand too :-)”

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Look, here's the plan.

I'll make sure that your business and writing speak the same language. Whether you have a mediator or not - you need me. To mend how your brand communicates with users. I'll make sure you have all the right tools - be it email newsletters, your landing page, or your new product launch announcements. I'll be in-charge to curb leaving users in dilemma and help you talk first. You make it, I bake it. The result? High oh-so-good autopilot sales.