Hi! I am Ritika.

A SEO copywriter and software engineer by heart, and confident in both.

During my final year in Electronics engineering, I kinda figured out what to do in life.

Or that’s what I thought.

Because I went on to change professions like a performer changes her dresses.

Curious about electronics and computers, I managed to get my parents to buy me an Arduino Uno. Got my hands dirty.

Was a sucker for unabridged dictionaries and thesaurus at 10. Truly indispensable to my success in cracking the most elusive dad jokes, understanding dry humor and writing carrotdangling copy.

Despite being an introvert, I grew up to kill mediocrity in its tracks and be a self-accredited conversation roller (can get the most introverted people to talk to me).

Just hoping I make it through - so that one day I can tell my story of how I overcame and it will become someone’s survival guide.

~ Brene Brown

Was it always like this?

From feeling like an exchange student who is clueless about how the world works, now I’ve become Blue’s Clues.

No one can help you fit in unless you do.


I quickly understood that if I’m not getting results - it’s not a sign to quit. It’s my sign to improve. And for that to happen, I gotta use the privileges I have.

You gotta spend money to make money.

~ Ritz

Found some geniuses perform magic using JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML, AWS. The world of automation. I immediately followed suit. Got sad about my websites not ranking high on Google (Bing was a sweetheart in that case). HAD to learn SEO. Went from Page-4 jail to Page-1 royalty.

What’s my deal-io?

If you understand, you can create. If you create, you can understand.

And that’s exactly what I’m here to do.

Am I always productive?

I am a product of the alleged Generation Z.

Gen Z has an attention span of a goldfish!

Gen Z is obese, can’t work shifts.

Gen Z is burning the world with their addiction.

Listen here. Gen Z focuses on the highlights, true.

This generation gets depressed because we are trying to fix and undo hundreds of years of demolition and negativity. Sometimes, it just gets to you.

Mostly, the air purifying plants in your workspace turn yellow and dry up.

You don’t reprimand them.

Here’s something different about me:

Most people want the best for themselves, but I also want the best for you. Ethics and psychology were never my forte, but who needs a degree to know something? That being said … friends?

Like most of you, I dreamt of becoming an astronomer when I was a child. As you can see, that’s not how it turned out. So here I am, tapping away at my keyboard, writing my website biography.

Get your thoughts from mind to paper. Just as your food gets from farm to plate. Nothing’s stopping you, really.

A pure example of a Jack of all Trades, ain’t it?

Actually, a master of some. I believe that -

If you’re afraid of something and do nothing about it, it’s going to come back to bite you.

Be it not knowing how to sell, cook, swim or sing - trust me, it’ll manifest in your life and take over control.

Don’t avoid what you fear.

Before 👶 | After 💁 in a nutshell -

Being a Voice for people

A real leader speaks the truth, even to her own detriment.

I am people, and people have shaped me to what I’m today. So it’s only natural that I give it back.

I try to speak, even when no one’s on my side.

For myself.

For people who are perturbed.

For women who don’t know about the good things.

For men who don’t know where’s the good.

For children, all they have is good.

You are curious, but should you be?

He who asks a question is a fool for 5 minutes. He who doesn’t ask a question remains a fool forever.

Okay I love quotes, but this is enough.

Apple doesn’t sell computers, they sell simplicity.

I don’t sell my work. I sell

Do I sell my time? No.

In fact, if I’m working with you on a project, 90% chances are that our long-term goals align, and nothing else would be a better use of my time other than spending it on brainstorming, refining and putting the research to work for you.

Pet peeve

If you happen to struggle with ANY of the above, I INSIST on helping you out, friend. Ahaa moment. Guaranteed.


To all the hats I’ve worn

Niches I have tried all, and owned most. Never went feet deep, but skin deep.

While I continue with my career, I wish somethings would never change.

Just trying to be a good person during my stay on Earth.

If you must be anything, be kind.

Phew, right?

Thanks for reading till here. Many soldiers doze off at 30%, and the others sleepwalk till the 70%.

But you? There’s something different about you.

Thanks. Youse special.

Felt this About talking the talk?

Let’s walk it. See you soon!